Place First…

Whether in work or life, whatever sector we are in, we often find ourselves focusing on an issue or silo. We might work on an economic development, strategy, urban design or heritage project, for example. But have we imagined the benefits of focusing on place, where all these realms intersect?

This is just one of the benefits of a place-centred approach. When we work with place, we broaden our focus to see the whole, to see the interconnections between things in ways that pick up new opportunities and to see the source of actions, interactions and benefits.

A place-centred approach focuses on the points at which our work has impact. It requires us to work with reverence and respect for landscape, story, community and life. It also requires us to understand that every place at every scale is different in its needs, in its ecology and in its relationships to other places at various scales.

Working with place unleashes new opportunities. It helps our work have more meaning and more impact. It grows us as people, as well as the ability we have to make a difference and the difference we can make. In turn, as we grow through working with place, so does the ability of place to hold and support life; us included. This is what we call a virtuous cycle!

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Place-centred work is about…

Moving our focus from single issues, to the whole context in which all issues play out.

Respecting and learning from the stories, experiences, ecology and life that makes every place different.

Drawing and growing from the distinctive sense of place that forms every place’s biggest asset.

Ready to get grounded?

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