Sage Leaf Yoga and Mind

How can we foster the connection we need to work with place if we do not feel connection within ourselves?

To work with place, we need to work from our hearts.

Working with place is about connection, within ourselves and into the world. The good news is, so is the path of yoga. 

Sage Leaf Place is pleased to offer yoga and meditation practice designed for people of place. Whether you’re in planning, architecture, placemaking, design, permaculture or an allied profession; exploring the path of yoga with us can help bring a sense of clarity, connection and deeper wellbeing on and beyond the yoga mat.

Our customised approaches come from people of place, to people of place. Matt Novacevski combines his placemaking and planning experience with yoga teaching (RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance) and mindfulness experience to offer:

-Classes in hatha, vinyasa or yin yoga.

-Introductions to mindfulness and meditation practices designed to support you in your life work.

Stay tuned for special offers and programs, coming soon, or get in touch to find out more.

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