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What if we could engage more deeply with place and achieve results on the ground? Working with place is about working with care, efficiency and leaving a positive legacy grounded in new ways of thinking, not just another project.

Change comes at the local level. Are you ready for your organisation to be a catalyst?

We offer strategic planning, facilitation, engagement, internal coaching, placemaking guidance and project support for Councils, Government, non-government and community organisations that want to work better with place. Just as every place is different, our services are tailored and flexible.

Place-focused planning, strategy, engagement

Love where you live and work with purpose.

We offer placemaking guidance, advocacy, coaching and strategic thinking support to help build capacity and grow community groups and non-government organisations that want to make a difference.

Research and storytelling

Connection is about uncovering stories.

Sharing stories of place is vital to being human: it helps us connect, to make sense of the world and to feel grounded in who and where we are. Our research, writing and storytelling expertise brings forward a range of techniques that reveal generative local narratives and hidden opportunities.

Strategy and Advocacy

Find and pursue new opportunities.

Uncertainty in the world demands a higher level of strategic thinking, to see new opportunities and adapt to new challenges.  Our strategy and advocacy work draws on extensive engagement, communication and planning experience to help see opportunities that sit under the surface.

The world is demanding approaches to planning, design and engagement that are focused on connecting people with the places that hold and nourish us.

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